Tercero en discordia

Tercero en discordia - Perfecto Andrés Ibáñez - Trotta
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With the emergence of modern constitutionalism and its order on fundamental rights the role of the judiciary, the status of the judge and the exercise of jurisdiction have experienced a highly significant change. The new design involves a rethinking of relations between instances within the state. But not to judicial shift of political powers itself, but by making her a fortune to another, which must be exercised (only) to and under the law, and against all; which gives it a certain dimension of counter.
The translation of this model to the institutional reality raised, from the beginning, strong resistance, in the form of an open lack of policy coherence will develop it. And this, not only remains valid but now has greater visibility, which is expressed in such abhorrent form of escape from the law that are the thousand and one phenomena of corruption abounded for judges.

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Book: Tercero en discordia

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