Tiempos de glaciaciones

Viaje al mundo de la locura

Tiempos de glaciaciones - Salomon Resnik - Herder
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Chronic psychotic patients live a life in suspense, as if in a state of hibernation, do not tolerate the psychic pain or pleasure. Since its excessive sensitivity, are hurt by all possible varieties of emotional impact, from which it derives its need for protection. The autistic shell is, paradoxically, the vital expression of the refolding, where the devitalization is the condition to endure. The freezing of the feelings come to be a regression to prehistoric ice age of the individual, when in a position of helplessness indescribable. The return to life will require institutional care, humane, comprehensive and effective._x000D_

This book is a synthesis of psychoanalytic and psychiatric work more than 50 years with psychotic patients from Argentina, France, England and Italy. Through their daily contact with the world of psychosis, Salomon Resnik continues its investigation in...read more


Book: Tiempos de glaciaciones

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