Tras los velos del Islam 

Erotismo y sexualidad en la cultura árabe

Tras los velos del Islam  - Erdmute Heller - Herder
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Newspapers, radio and television surprise us every day with news of Muslim fundamentalism. There are, indeed, very comforting, because we speak of a fanatical and intolerant Islam, which shows no excessive appreciation of human life. But history and Arab culture and, more specifically, Muslims have been shown and other aspects may show more positive and enriching. The book of E. Heller and H. Mosbahi presents us with great detail one of them: the experience of sexuality as a primary creative force and as an expression dear to the God of universal harmony. The theme of love permeates the whole of Arabic literature even mystical literature and the joy of living is reflected in the urban layout of the Muslim cities such as the importance of public restrooms. In addition to learning many things, readers will live unforgettable moments with this book. The authors also do not want to miss more

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Book: Tras los velos del Islam 

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