Trauma, miedo y amor

Hacia una autonomía interior con la ayuda de las constelaciones

Trauma, miedo y amor - Franz Ruppert - Herder
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This book presents, under the focus of multigenerational psychotraumatology, a new explanatory theory and a new psychotherapeutic technique to treat the so-called psychic illnesses.

Trauma is the main cause of health problems, both psychological and physical. The energy and the content of the trauma are transmitted through the mother-child relationship, that is, the family traumas are absorbed by the children's psyche generation after generation. This new understanding of the psyche and trauma allows us to apply a different therapeutic approach, multigenerational psychotraumatology. This is opposed to an exclusively pharmacological treatment and is based on a novel theory and psychotherapeutic technique to treat psychic illnesses.

Franz Ruppert presents in Trauma, fear and love a concept of his own psychotherapy and the development of a new method called the " more


Book: Trauma, miedo y amor

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