Un corazón de nadie

Antología poética (1913 - 1935)

Un corazón de nadie - Fernando Pessoa - Galaxia Gutenberg
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The work of Fernando Pessoa, one of the most complex and fascinating figures in twentieth century poetry, constitutes a desire "to feel everything in all ways", an amazing drama in people, in which the Pessoa entity splits, at the less, in four perfectly defined selves (Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos and Fernando Pessoa himself). Far from composing a complementary "whole", despite their friendship and coexistence, they maintain their radical divergence, their inner tension in a work that masterfully moves from the avant-garde to classicism. «With Pessoa Antonio Tabucchi says one of the great concerns of the literature of our time, the“ I ”, enters the scene and begins to speak about himself, begins to reflect on himself. Through a meticulous formulation, worthy of a psychoanalytic report, heteronymy is nothing other than the colorful translation in literature of all th...read more




Book: Un corazón de nadie

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