Un fin del mundo

Constitución y democracia en el cambio de época

Un fin del mundo - Juan-Ramón Capella - Trotta
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This book starts with criticism of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and suggestions for some of the necessary changes. It also recalls the precarious political conditions in which that constitution was elaborated, and points out the problematic nature of its reform, threatened by the current correlations of the political forces.
Constitutional change is necessary - although problematic - because between 1978 and the present there has been what the author calls "an end of the world." This essay, which gives the title to the book, shows the distance from the central problems of our time with respect to the time in which the constitution was drawn up. Today the problems do not reside in the conquest of public liberties, but in their survival in a world almost completely mutated, which has also been superimposed a plutocracy that dominates the basic political options, a new sovereig...read more


Book: Un fin del mundo

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