Una pequeña historia de la religión

Una pequeña historia de la religión - Richard Holloway - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Written for readers of all ages, this is a rich, balanced, respectful, and illuminating history of religion from the earliest times of humanity to our troubled present. In an era of radicalization of religious attitudes accompanied by destructive violence, this book offers a much-needed antidote. Writing for both those who have faith and those who do not believe, Holloway encourages curiosity and tolerance. It not only delves into the world's great religions, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, it goes much further. It also examines where religious beliefs come from, the search for hope and a meaning to life and death through different faiths, today's fascination with Scientology and creationism, and religiously motivated violence.


Book: Una pequeña historia de la religión

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