Uno se divide en dos

Más allá de la interpelación

Uno se divide en dos - Mladen Dólar - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Tapa Blanda

For the first time published in Spanish, this book brings together the elementary essays of one of the most important European philosophers of our time. Born from Slovenia, Dolar has crossed several countries and continents to establish a unique voice in the fields of his specialty: philosophy and psychoanalysis. Being one of Lacan's greatest readers, these texts illustrate the way in which the Slovenian philosopher articulates psychoanalytic thinking with philosophy from the classics to the contemporaries, from Democritus to Wittgenstein. Its stylistic virtue lies in an agile exposition by drawing convergences and divergences between the two fields, always referring to the importance of thinking above any type of belief. As we go beyond interpellation, Dolar shares his interest in why philosophy cannot be reduced to mere ideology, but rather highlights its potential as a living more




Book: Uno se divide en dos

ISBN: 9786079714031