Urbs Roma, III

La religión y el ejército

Urbs Roma, III - José Guillén - Ediciones Sígueme
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Ediciones Sígueme
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The practice of the Roman religion, without dogmas or philosophical speculations, relied only on the tradition of the elders, penetrated so deeply into the personal life and environment of the State of Rome that the Roman citizen was always as immersed in the field of the divine In God he lived, and the divinity ordered and guided his actions, being a constant witness to all his thoughts, words and actions. That is why the Roman thought a lot and spoke little, and never pledged his word more than to the conviction of the truth and to the persuasion that the world could become deranged, but he would not fail to fulfill his word.

This religious observance often put the good citizen in truly tragic situations, in which it was only important to attract the beneficial "peace of the gods" upon the State, even if it had the Senate to hand over the enemy its own generals, when in the e...read more


Book: Urbs Roma, III

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