Urbs Roma, IV

Constitución y desarrollo de la sociedad

Urbs Roma, IV - José Guillén - Ediciones Sígueme
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Ediciones Sígueme
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It is very difficult to present in a description the whole life of a people, and more so if it happened many centuries ago. But it is given to us to imagine it, if we find a variety of documents that remind us, in addition to the main heroic deeds, the acts and scenes of your daily life. These data show us the character of that town, the circumstances and aspirations in which its people lived, customs and the nature of life in which they were: their culture and idiosyncrasy, their environment in general; the spirit with which they preserved or rejected the genre of life of their predecessors, love and attachment, or lack of love and disaffection towards family and social group.

People occupy a specific place in the unions to which they belong, are in a particular range of society and perform certain functions in the grouping of the city and the State. The people we consider liv...read more


Book: Urbs Roma, IV

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