Vida y muerte de Krishnamurti

Biografía de J. Krishnamurti

Vida y muerte de Krishnamurti - Mary Lutyens - Kairós
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"Krishnamurti's teaching has come at a critical moment in the history of humanity," says Mary Lutyens. The popular spiritual teacher, who died in 1986, thought that global peace was possible if children were educated without prejudice, without nationalisms, without competitiveness - and even without organized religious systems. With the hope of awakening humanity, Krishnamurti advocated complete self -transformation as a previous condition for any social or political change. In this intelligent and enjoyable biographical study, Lutyens provides a detailed testimony of the teacher's mystical experiences, his rupture with his theosophy and associations with David Bohm or Jacob Needleman.

Krishnamurti life and death is a brief but exciting chronicle of the life of one of the most influenced spiritual teachers in the world in recent years. In him, the author also seeks to more


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Book: Vida y muerte de Krishnamurti

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