Violencia en las relaciones íntimas

Una perspectiva clínica

Violencia en las relaciones íntimas - José Navarro Góngora - Herder
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In this study, Professor José Navarro Góngora addresses violence in couple relationships between children and parents, from the point of view of mental health. Based on research data and clinical experience, the book offers guidance on two aspects: the experience of violence from victims and perpetrators, and how it intervenes from a clinical standpoint.

What does it mean for victims living day to day violence? What do we know about the perpetrators and how the personality of the offender is built? To answer these questions helps professionals to adopt more realistic and empathetic when intervening attitudes.

The proposed action is in the form of protocols, on what to do and how, in response to those issues of greatest clinical relevance of victims and aggressors. A vision focused on the individual systemic added, which incorporates the role of social network (family, more


Book: Violencia en las relaciones íntimas

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