Wen Fu

Sobre el arte de las letras

Wen Fu - Lu Chi - Mangos de Hacha
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Mangos de Hacha
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Translation of José Luis Bobadilla

Do not know much about classical Chinese literature, but I do know that it has developed highly codified forms that are separated from the forms created in the West. The "Fu" is one of them. It is trying to clarify what can not be explained at all, a prose poem with essayistic peculiarities. It is spacious enough to outline a plan form, some ideas, and articulate with the resources of a poem. The Wen Fu, Lu Chi is, to our knowledge, reflection on literature and art of the oldest writing in China. Although remote, their lines are still worthy of consideration and sharp. Lu Chi, born in the Yangtze Delta, in the year 261 AD He was a soldier and poet. Betrayed by his political enemies, was executed in 303 forty-two years.
José Luis Bobadilla

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Book: Wen Fu

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