A Dios por la cara norte

A Dios por la cara norte - Hervé Clerc - Siruela
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The book raises "the problem of God" from the author's own life experience and his incessant search, both through reading the great mystics such as Master Eckhart and the great religious traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity) as well as practices such as yoga and meditation, up to the encounter with those people related to their spiritual concerns. Mystical and sacred texts are approached from authors such as Mircea Eliade, Henry Corbin, Jean Varenne or Louis Massignon, among others, and confronted with Greek and 20th century philosophy, from Nietzsche to Martin Heidegger or Hannah Arendt.

The "problem of God" is approached from a double perspective: that of the anthropomorphic and personal God and that of the impersonal God, without form or figure, to focus the argument of his book on the latter. Indeed, this work deals with the God who is reached by the north face of t...read more




Book: A Dios por la cara norte

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