Abusos sexuales en los niños 

Abusos sexuales en los niños  - Beate  Besten - Herder
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Sexually exploited children receive every day, worldwide, between 2 and 2.4 million customers. A business so macabre and so vast should warn all those children in our care themselves or others, ie all the inhabitants of the planet since the mere fact of having contact with a child should equate to care._x000D_

But there are also other forms of child sexual abuse and non-tradable difficult to report in all societies because many occur in the more intimate setting of the child. Here too, the mere fact should put us in motion to develop the necessary preventive measures._x000D_
In this work, Beate Besten transmitted to adults the basic data needed to understand the scope of the problem, how it arises and what consequences it poses to its victims. On the other hand, includes concrete and practical measures to avoid and a list of institutions and associations for...read more

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Book: Abusos sexuales en los niños 

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