Acerca de Ernst Jünger

Acerca de Ernst Jünger - Martin Heidegger - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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About Ernst Jünger contains notes from the thirties, the "Discussion on Jünger" and a manuscript entitled "Figure", from 1954, as well as numerous and detailed marginal statements that Heidegger made in his work copies of The Worker and other works of Jünger
The book poses a very determined confrontation with Jünger's research and positions. In it, Heidegger sees an epochal representative of Nietzsche's philosophy and, in the "figure of the worker," a trace of the ultraman.
On the other hand, this text offers a look at the origin of subsequent developments on the essence of the technique and it is evident that in his dialogue with Jünger, as in his conversations with men of science, Heidegger attempted a joint reflection on The question about modern technique.
The translation was in charge of Dr. Dina V. Picotti who has kept the style of the text always trying a more


Book: Acerca de Ernst Jünger

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