Antonin Artaud. La sgenealogías híbridas.

Alienación - Serge Margel - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Speaking genealogy is always question the notion of becoming linking from within the body and the individual or collective history.
 This study attempts to understand how Antonin Artaud questioned the identity of the body in terms of a genealogical order. His work, from the first surrealist texts to the latest notebooks Rodez, questions not only the cultural identity of our Western body, alienated, boarding, under the authority of power, but above all embarks on the immense work of " spare body "to give with what Artaud calls a" body without organ ". This work draws both political stakes (another idea of ​​the collective body) and literary (another idea of ​​language, always linked to the imperatives of communication and direction). But it is also the question of autobiography arises. How to talk about himself, his life, how to develop a "writing yes" when it has blown up this more


Book: Alienación

ISBN: 9789568415891