Alzheimer visto desde el interior

Alzheimer visto desde el interior - Richard Taylor - Herder México
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Eloquent and self-reflexive, this collection of essays offers a revealing look at the world differently often incomprehensible for individuals living with Alzheimer's disease. The psychologist Richard Taylor shares a compelling and courageous story of his slow transformation and deterioration and the growing divide between reality and the reality of others._x000D_

With a poignant clarity, candor and humor, Taylor is the complexity and the emotions surrounding issues such as loss of independence and personality, personality changes, unwanted, the struggle to communicate the change in relations with their loved ones and friends, the continuous decline in ability to perform familiar tasks, and endless uncertainty about the future._x000D_

Alzheimer seen from the interior is a captivating read for all those affected by this disease that robs the mind. individuals with early more


Book: Alzheimer visto desde el interior

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