Amor, Belleza, Daimon

Vida de Plotino y orden de sus libros

Amor, Belleza, Daimon -  Porfirio, Plotino - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Enneads consist of six books each treated nine (hence the term ennead). The nine was a Greek term ??? e ?? serving to designate the plural plural, ie, infinity, the whole. But also he responded to the cosmogony of the Egyptians designated the group of nine gods. Perhaps we might think that in each ennead there is an implicit reference to some deity; ie in each treaty within each book, in each section, in each line, the deity is present.

For the edition of this booklet, we have chosen three basic themes that make up a small part-but importantísima- of the great Plotinian work and guide our reading: love, beauty and Daimon, very current references of modern and indispensable reflection for the psychoanalyst .


Book: Amor, Belleza, Daimon

ISBN: 9786077694014