Amor para acompañar

Amor para acompañar - Tracey Richardson - Egales
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From author Tracey Richardson comes the story of two women in search of the right recipe for love.

Every week, millions of viewers turn on the TV to watch Grace Wellwood transform basic ingredients into delicious dishes. His latest cookbook is the most sought after bookstore and, to eat at his trendy restaurant in Boston, you have to book months in advance. Grace knows how to cook success, but overlooks the main ingredient to make her private life something delicious, or at least remotely satisfying.

When her well-deserved vacation is interrupted, an annoying Grace agrees to prepare for the catering for a professional women's golf tournament. As soon as Torrie Cannon, the young star of the Circuit, sets his eyes on the famous chef, he embarks on his usual plan of seduction: passionate love one night and goodbye the next morning.

Torrie's charming charms are more


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Book: Amor para acompañar

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