Andanzas de un inútil

Andanzas de un inútil - Joseph Von Eichendorff - Taugenit
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Joseph von Eichendorff published in 1826 Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts, an indispensable classic of Romanticism and throughout the 19th century. The figure of the "Taugenichts", so rich, simple and endearing, forges the vision of a character to which others feel (and that feels) completely useless: the book begins with the unforgettable scene of a father who, tired of the laziness and slackness with which his son faces life, explains to him the need for him to go to know the world and seek the means to survive for himself. It is, then, that the "Taugenichts" becomes aware of his position and decides to accept himself as he is: he grabs, bold and animated, his violin, and with some few coins in his pocket goes out into the world in search of fortune, to forge his destiny. An initial and formation novel, as brief as it is concentrated and warm, these Andanzas of a useless gather in more


Book: Andanzas de un inútil

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