Arte, ciudad y esfera pública en Chile

Arte, ciudad y esfera pública en Chile - Ignacio Szmulewicz - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Rústica con solapas

This book seeks to propose a history of the city in Chile from the perspective of the artistic manifestations that have shaped, intervened or questioned during the last forty years. Arranged in streets, squares, parks, buildings or neighborhoods; participatory, procedural and archiving; permanent or ephemeral; the works that are reviewed in this book are a lens to contemplate the world. The city comes to be the result, the strange and fragmented symbolic product, reflective and aesthetic that emerges from the works in the public space. Thus, the city is neither a backdrop, nor a context nor less a preexisting whole. Therefore, although there are historical data, theoretical references, urban environments, what this paper seeks to analyze is how Chilean artists have projected and produced different images of the city.


Book: Arte, ciudad y esfera pública en Chile

ISBN: 9789568415839