Augusto - Klaus  Bringmann - Herder
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Augusto (63 BC-14 AD) is the most powerful and contradictory figure in Roman history. He opened the door to the final stage, the most devastating of the time guerracivilista, and was, however, the founder of a universal peace, in his honor, is named "peace augusta." Conqueror and peacemaker at the same time, extended the frontiers of the Roman Empire as did no other before or after him, and was the undertaker of a republic mortally wounded. It began as guilty of high treason and became a "founding father" and though in the beginning tried to kick the laws, entered history as a restorer of law and order creator considered the situation better and happier state Roman._x000D_

This biography follows the broad road that ran through August and tries to give fair consideration of his person and his actions, both of its most controversial and their achievements. The author, Klaus more


Book: Augusto

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