Óscar Romero 

Mística y lucha por la justicia

Óscar Romero  - Martin  Maier - Herder
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The figure of Oscar Romero is an emblem of liberation theology: the Salvadoran Archbishop embodies the change of position in favor of the poor who made the Latin American Church as such, according to the decisions of the Episcopal Conference in Medellín in 1968 . The murder of his friend, Father Rutilio Grande, he "opened his eyes" Romero and transformed it from a man of timid and apolitical church in earnest and prophetic counsel the needy. This confronted him with the rich and powerful and made him the target of his hatred, until, in 1980, was murdered at the altar. Inspired by his intimate union with Christ, followed his example devoting his life for the poor and oppressed.
This book describes the way of Romero and places special emphasis on the evolution of his thoughts and attitudes, in his metamorphosis, in his "conversion." For this, the author, Martin Maier, relies not o...read more


Book: Óscar Romero 

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