Avatares de la creencia en Dios

Avatares de la creencia en Dios - Manuel Fraijó - Trotta
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Human beings are usually related to God in two times: first we face the evils that afflict us; And, in a second moment, we postulate its existence so that it remedies them in a future world, beyond the death. In this way, evil is, almost at the same time, the great objection against God and the condition of possibility of its existence. It seems impossible, in view of so much suffering, that there is a good and all-powerful God; And it would be terrible, in view of so much pain, that there was no such God. It is Pascal's: "It is incomprehensible that there is God and incomprehensible that it does not exist." It is, in the words of José Gómez Caffarena, "the dramatic balance between the yes and the no" to the Christian faith. This book deals with the avatars of belief in God and is divided into five distinct parts. The first contains four autobiographical texts, but in which philosophi...read more


Book: Avatares de la creencia en Dios

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