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Averroes - Jean-Baptiste Brenet - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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The name Averroes is that of a scandal. Here is the man behind the crazy thesis about the intellect separated from individuals and unique for the whole species. Consequence? The denial of the proposition "I think": the ruin of rationality. This, for five hundred years, annoyed Europe. How to understand this story that brings together fascination and rejection? Where does the Averroism, refuted en bloc, cease to reappear? With Freud, Jean-Baptiste Brenet proposes an answer: Abu l-Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad Ibn Rušd, alias Averroes, is the archetype of a "disturbing strangeness" that comes to besiege and decenter the hegemony of thought that anchors the configuration of rationality latina; ominous compulsion, also, of current thinking.


Book: Averroes

ISBN: 9789569843679