Benito de Nursia

Espiritualidad enraizada en la tierra

Benito de Nursia - Anselm Grün - Herder
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Benedict of Nursia (480-547), founder of the Benedictine Order at Monte Cassino, is one of the key figures in Christianity. His major work, The Rule, who wrote around 550 to organize the coexistence between the monks and foster their spiritual development, provides standards of living of great clarity that continue to fascinate many people even today: moderation in lifestyle , the precedence of the inner life, trust in God as the source of strength for all the chores and the joy of living day to day._x000D_

The original reading of Anselm Grün draws on influences from the ancient desert monks, the doctrine of Karlfried Durckheim and depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. The interest of this book lies in the ability to bring the reader Grün today the person and the teachings of Benedict as a spiritual guide in simple language and entertaining, based on terms and concepts more


Book: Benito de Nursia

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