Biblia y helenismo

El pensamiento griego y la formación del cristianismo

Biblia y helenismo - Antonio Piñero - Herder
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The Bible and Hellenism provide the keys to understand the birth of Christianity in the context of the changes that occurred in the Jewish religion when coming into contact with Greek thought. The first change took place after the death of Alexander the Great, a time when the Jewish religion experienced profound mutations that affected its conception of man, the immortality of the soul, the resurrection of bodies and life in the other world, with their awards and punishments. The second change was precisely the birth of Christianity, which began as a Jewish sect and, in a hundred and fifty years had already become an autonomous religion with its own Sacred Scriptures. Did the thinking of the pagan environment of the eastern Mediterranean influence this departure from the Judeo-Christians regarding their mother religion? What is the historical place of Christianity within the more

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Book: Biblia y helenismo

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