Breve historia de la filosofía islámica

Un recorrido por los grandes filósofos del islam

Breve historia de la filosofía islámica - Ernest Yassine Bendriss - Almuzara
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This introduction to Islamic philosophy aims to offer the reader, by way of reflection, some critical tools when delving into the development of Islamic thought from its earliest beginnings. Indeed, if Muslim philosophers collected the heritage of the Greeks in multiple epistemological fields, and specifically in the field of falsafa (philosophy), it is necessary to know what the uniqueness of Islamic philosophers consisted of within the framework of a history universal of thought. The present work of the prestigious historian Ernest Yassine Bendriss tries to "trace" the modalities and biases of said singularity inside and outside the Muslim world beyond a merely conventional approach, in the light of current and innovative research by renowned specialists in the matter, dismantling fallacious clichés and providing the reader with an enriching and well-founded overview.

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Book: Breve historia de la filosofía islámica

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