Buda y Descartes

Buda y Descartes - Diego Sztulwark - Cactus
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Meditation, as a fold in history, shows us the Buddha and Descartes in parallel. In Buddha it will be a modulation of consciousness that will take you from your initial suffering and immersed in illusion, to become the "awake", to direct knowledge. In Descartes meditation will end in the I think, founder of the subject of the modern age. Both are thorny roads, both struggle against uncertainty, the two are rebellious to their time.
But to what extent does meditation, generally associated with wise men of the East in tunic and half-closed eyes, put the Buddha and Descartes on the same scene? To the extent that it will function as a field of experience that will provide for each the universe of thinkable. In this way, reason and compassion will be at the same time points of arrival and departure: on the one hand, the product of meditation, on the other, two different ways of conce...read more


Book: Buda y Descartes

ISBN: 9789873831126