elogio de los caminos y de la lentitud

Caminar - David Le Breton - Waldhuter
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Tapa Blanda

"Walking in our days, and especially in our days, is not going back to Neolithic times, but rather being a prophet," Jacques Lacarrière wrote. By recreating a reflection carried out a decade ago, David Le Breton proves that the status of a walker changed a lot. At present, the walk imposes itself as a leisure activity. The contemporary imaginary refers more to the idea of availability and the practical need to have a good body condition. The author here gives a new foundation to his story in the testimonies and philosophies of the walk, again happily says that walking is first and foremost a long trip to the open air and open air of the world and availability to what happens , that every road is hidden in oneself before declining under our steps, and that the walk gives way each time to an experience and a happy transformation.



Book: Caminar

ISBN: 9789872754075