Che. Una vida revolucionaria

Che. Una vida revolucionaria - Jon Lee Anderson - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Che Guevara is undoubtedly one of the most relevant and iconic characters of the twentieth century. Among the many biographies and approaches to a figure as fascinating and enigmatic as his, no doubt the biography written by Jon Lee Anderson, Che Guevara. A revolutionary life is widely regarded as the best and most complete, since among many virtues, it had privileged access to Che's diaries and other materials that no journalist had ever been able to consult.

In this adaptation to graphic novel version by the great moner, graphic novelist and political caricaturist José Hernández, the life and work of Che, as well as the events that produced the Cuban Revolution, acquire a new dimension. Through a prodigious line and a narrative that gives justice to the virtues and contradictions of a character as heroic and tragic as Che Guevara, this first installment entitled Book 2: Cuba, more

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Book: Che. Una vida revolucionaria

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