Cine III

Verdad y tiempo. Potencias de lo falso

Cine III - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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In this course, given at the University of Vincennes between late 1983 and mid-1984, Gilles Deleuze tells a story, the story of the encounter between Truth and Time. But as in those falsifying narratives of which the course speaks, it is a story that is duplicated, which contains several stories and characters that intersect. It is first the story of the crisis of truth when faced with the force of time, a story that begins in Ancient Greece with Cleanthes and Chrysippus, which passes through Leibniz and Borges, and in which the characters of Melville cross with those of Nietzsche. This first story merges with the very history of that force of time, which is the history of its relationship with the movement: its savage state in Greek mythology, its subordination to the movement in Platonic philosophy and in Neoplatonism, its emergence as an aberration in astronomy, in physics, in more



Book: Cine III

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