Ciudadano sujeto

Ciudadano sujeto - Étienne Balibar - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

Without seeking to exhaust all the dimensions of a genealogy of the becoming (becoming-citizen of the subject, becoming-subject of the citizen), the author of this book has developed his research by studying the self-indulgence of the subject, whose common thread is the substantive and speculative use of personal pronouns in the different European languages, and in particular of "the first person" (assuming that this could be isolated from the other , or the other); and, secondly, the historization of the community "we", of which Hegel provided a problem of undeniable depth, combining a spiritualization and a socialization according to which one can also study his "reversals", of which the thought of the political subject in the era of bourgeois citizenship is nourished.


Book: Ciudadano sujeto

ISBN: 9789875745872