¿Cómo es posible el orden social?

¿Cómo es posible el orden social? - Niklas  Luhmann - Herder México
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Herder México
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The text provided below is a real gem of sociological theory. To Kant, argues Luhmann's sociological theory base was achieved only in relation to its plausibility, that is, the degree of correspondence and isomorphism that a majority could be observed between the form and proof of the organization of society and the organizational form of theory. This theory would have happened using alternatively three basic resources as axiomatic that, as such, did not require substantiation: a petitio principii, for example, the statement: "there is a community", a metaphor, for example, merging consciousness or intersubjectivity - as in the concept of "collective consciousness" of Durkheim - and finally, the use of a social model known, for example, the contract, to apply to society as a whole, speaking of it as the result of a social contract. But since Kant there is a new possibility of justific...read more

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