Cómo ocurren los cambios

Una guía de campo para el activismo social

Cómo ocurren los cambios - Duncan Green - Grano de sal
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There are a thousand and one reasons to want the world to improve and more and more people are committed to the changes that are required to fight poverty, mitigate inequality or promote full respect for human rights, but it is not easy to get along with the desire to Fix things with the despondency that is thrown at you when you see the magnitude of these tasks. Duncan Green has written this book to offer strategies, advice, consolation and encouragement to the plethora of activists who, from non-governmental organizations or international organizations, are putting their grain of sand to make all kinds of transformations happen. This field guide for social activism bridges the gap between academia and practical life, and equips readers with analytical tools to, at the outset, understand social systems and then influence them in a sensible and effective way. With many first-hand exam...read more



Book: Cómo ocurren los cambios

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