Conflictos Interculturales

Conflictos Interculturales - Néstor García Canclini - Gedisa
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Interculturalism is no longer confined to neighboring countries. Went Global creating interdependencies for which we were not prepared. For more border guards erect new walls, Africans, Asians and Latin Americans are still coming to the United States and Europe. Books, music and the visual arts world communicate, although markets offer uneven north and south opportunities. The texts included in this book were produced by artists, writers, critics and art theorists, anthropologists and communications specialists, to examine current interdisciplinary forms of intercultural relations between countries, cultures and disciplines. The authors, from Spain, Mexico and Argentina, gathered at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico City to discuss their contributions in dialogues that are also included in this volume. Achieved, thus giving insight multiple crosses between literatures, more


Book: Conflictos Interculturales

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