Contra el bienalismo

Crónicas fragmentarias del extraño mapa artístico cultural

Contra el bienalismo - Fernando Castro Flórez - Akal
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Art in the critical time of globalization has found its golden refuge in biennials and art fairs, which convert the aesthetic experience into an absolute surrender to spectacularization. From the reality-show to the media-expanded violence, a cruel and at the same time banal imaginary is imposed that derives from artistic tendencies such as relational aesthetics, the litanies of “institutional” conceptualism or the obsession with the archive. Delirious attitudes proliferate in a delirious world and gives the impression that the freaks take command of operations in an uninterrupted and, finally, tedious carnival.
Against Biennialism, he draws a series of approaches to contemporary culture addressing issues such as the alleged anti-fetishism of certain artistic works, contamination with the architectural, the humorous or parodic dimension of certain aesthetic approaches or the more


Book: Contra el bienalismo

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