Correspondencia 1925-1975 

Heidegger / Bultmann

Correspondencia 1925-1975  - Martin Heidegger - Herder
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In 1923 Martin Heidegger left his teaching position at Freiburg and accepted the invitation to teach at Marburg. Their arrival marked the encounter with Rudolph Bultmann marking the prelude to a unique dialogue eminently productive._x000D_
The correspondence between Heidegger and Bultmann extends through a period of more than half a century. In the letters, along with university policy issues and personal matters, it is again and again the fundamental problem of the relationship between philosophy and theology._x000D_
Among the tensions that characterize departures and friendship between both forms of life arising from faith and philosophy. In the words of Heidegger, is at stake a "blood feud". But precisely this radical opposition must "support the possible community of theology and philosophy as science."


Book: Correspondencia 1925-1975 

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