Crimen y castigo

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Crimen y castigo - Fiódor M. Dostoievski - Herder
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The psychological depth with which Fyodor Dostoyevsky was of his characters makes the eyes of some, an existentialist writer. Indeed, many of the big questions about human existence that years later would arise this philosophical movement had already been dealt with in depth in the works of the Russian author. Crime and Punishment is no exception in this regard, and thanks to his relentless torrent of words the reader becomes an exceptional witness of the complex contradictions that houses the human soul.

"A true master, to whom everything is allowed, cannonades Toulon, makes a butcher shop in Paris, forgets an army in Egypt, spends half a million men in the campaign on Moscow and goes well rid of Vilnius thanks to an occurrence. And yet, his death would erect statues and, therefore, everything is allowed. No, these people are not made of flesh but of bronze! »


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Book: Crimen y castigo

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