Cuerpo sensible

Cuerpo sensible - David Le Breton - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Dance undoes any identity, breaking the criteria for recognition of self and others. It is pure existence, before the sense life, but also a profusion of meanings. Exploring possibilities of the body, agreements and disagreements of gestures, movement of movements, the dance unfolds reveals the place and time. Dance is the invention of an unprecedented world opening to the imaginary, a leak out of the imperatives of immediate significance. Each choreography builds its own account, or is carried away by the movimeintos interpreters and build your own need. The dialogue between the audience and performers is intimate, elusive, multiple, never fixed in time. Dance is offered as a projection surface. Design meaningful ways beyond routine thinking. And at the same time, it forces reflection. In dance, the meaning is not in the narrative transparency of body movements, it is always more

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Book: Cuerpo sensible

ISBN: 9789568415365