Cuidar la libertad

Entrevistas sobre política y filosofía

Cuidar la libertad - Richard Rorty - Trotta
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The pragmatism of Richard Rorty has contributed to the resurgence of the debate on the public role of philosophy. Rather than proclaim the end of it, and far from pretending its mere academic reform, Rorty invites a transformation of philosophy by itself. To learn the instrumental nature of ideas, when their focus is on practical questions, is also to collaborate in the transformation of the world. Rorty proposes to abandon the attempt that politics and its goals are guided by philosophy (which would establish the true nature of reality) in favor of a democratic policy, concerned by the real lives of citizens in their contingency. The interviews gathered here for the first time take up a space of two decades (between 1982 and 2001, the latter about September 11) and took place on the occasion of the publication of one of the books of the philosopher or as a result of certain more


Book: Cuidar la libertad

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