Curso sobre la percepción

Curso sobre la percepción - Gilbert Simondon - Cactus
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This course on the perception (1964-1965) is a rigorous program, based on a suspicion can only draw a history of philosophical systems if the history of the notion of perception becomes.
In this sense, Simondon takes up the first intuition of the Ionian physiologists, for whom "the perception was the main mode of knowing the world." From there the branches that are lost and gather, to get lost again and meet again with this first vision are crossed. So even divergent paths are drawn in the ancient world between Ionians and platonic-Pythagoreans, with an Aristotelian middle path, and a second level with Epicureanism and stoicism. Then in the classical period, with the opposition between rationalism (Descartes and his offspring) and empiricism (Locke, Berkeley and Hume), and the middle way now embodied by Kant. Finally, in modern times, where perception and thought from research more


Book: Curso sobre la percepción

ISBN: 9789872621964