De la Edad Media al Renacimiento

Ramín Llull - Nicolás de Cusa - Juan Pico della Mirandola

De la Edad Media al Renacimiento - Eusebi  Colomer - Herder
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The history of culture is always the story of an encounter, in which those who come are given, processed, which was received from those who have already gone. The essays in this volume illustrate this conception of the history of thought in the particular case of the passing of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, exemplified in three particular thinkers: Ramon Llull Nicholas of Cusa and Pico della Mirandola. It is shown, with evidence of historical data, how a series of concepts about God, the world and man and the metaphysical idea of the God-man has passed, not without suffering significant variations of Catalan to German thinker and the Italian._x000D_
The work stems from the author's interest in the figure of Ramon Llull, the Catalan old master not only the creator of a literary language and the first representative of what would later be called the Spanish more


Book: De la Edad Media al Renacimiento

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