Dejarnos hablar por Dios

Dejarnos hablar por Dios - Francisco Martinez Garcia - Herder
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Any work created with the intention of being read. This book is published after its contents, in single sheets, has been pondered and assimilated by many people and communities that have expressed today his insistent desire to have them in a publication like the offer. These meditations have been patiently designed and elaborated by the author talks, retreats and retreats to lay people, priests and religious, for many years. The author gives here the core of Christian faith uniting in harmony lucid knowledge of God and man, faith and real life. The book helps to understand that faith is not a closed container in the past, but a live event capable of returning the wonder and joy to a generation that needs to eliminate archaic interpretations, and even degradation, of the sacred and restore the living God and true.



Book: Dejarnos hablar por Dios

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