Del cubismo al arte inobjetivo

Papeles inéditos compilados por Pierre Francastel

Del cubismo al arte inobjetivo - Robert Delaunay - Cactus
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"Robert Delaunay, a painter by trade, wanted to write a book, he never finished it: this is the book that Robert Delaunay wanted to write.
This syllogism that seems paradoxical, twisted, espirálico, nevertheless arises as an evidence to go through this meeting of papers by Pierre Francastel. These recovered papers, until now unpublished in Castilian, reflect notes of Delaunay on his work, on the reflections of his friend the poet Apollinaire about Cubism and its evolution, as well as conversations with his colleagues and students and even a project for a museum of inobjective art.
If, as Souriau says, there is no work of art that is not "work to be done", finding these fragments of writing should not lead us to lament over a presumed "lack" of unity but to verify the search for a style of writing by fragments, aphorisms, by brushstrokes and touches, where perhaps the more


Book: Del cubismo al arte inobjetivo

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