Derechos del corazón

Derechos del corazón - Leonardo Boff - Trotta
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The dimension of the heart has been neglected by modernity. The instrumental analytical reason and techno-science as a method seek the strictest possible rift between emotion and reason, and between the thinking subject and the thought object. Therefore, the current challenge is to give centrality to what is most ancient in humans: affection and sensitivity, whose main expression is in the heart. One could say with emphasis that matters rescue the heart and regain their rights, as valid as the rights of reason, the will, intelligence and libido.
The purpose of this book is to invite people to learn to feel, to unite the right, cold and calculating, with affection, warm and radiant. This amalgam spontaneously grow a new willingness to take care of all that is alive and is fragile and important to human life and life on planet Earth.



Book: Derechos del corazón

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