Dios en el Ritz 

Dios en el Ritz  - Lorenzo  Albacete - Herder
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In God at the Ritz, Lorenzo Albacete, a priest, physical and columnist for the New York Times, speaking with intellectual clarity and a wonderful sense of humor, science, sex, political and religious topics, and offers an insight into why even care about religion in the world. "Lorenzo Albacete is unique and so is God at the Ritz. The book, like the Archbishop, crackling with humor, warmth and intellectual excitement. Reading it is to stay awake all night, jump in the chair, keeping marathon conversation, sustained for a coffee after another, with one party more bullies in the world. the conversation, hell, is a true papal session full of animals! "-Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker

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Book: Dios en el Ritz 

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