Documentación clínico-asistencial

para centros asistidos y sociosanitarios

Documentación clínico-asistencial -  Fundación SAR - Herder
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A good history-care is a guarantee for quality in health and social care, and when the study unveils a new document enhances the professional interest of the organization and other organizations in the same line, with sector which is enriched by new contributions. This work contains two distinct parts. The first part consists of seven chapters written by professionals with extensive experience we need to focus on clinical and care history. They are never divergent and complementary views have in common a global observation of the person you give it a value as a unique individual. The second presents the clinical and care documentation consists of three sections: General, where a detailed description of the contents of the register, professional situation in the story, and so on. Documentation prepared and validated care for over one year by the SAR group. And recording system to more


Book: Documentación clínico-asistencial

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