Sobre comunidad, duelo y Mark Fisher

Egreso - Matt Colquhoun - Caja Negra Editora
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Caja Negra Editora
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Rustic with flaps

This book is the first to consider the legacy of writer and cultural critic Mark Fisher. His starting point is the moment when a group of his graduate students receive the news of his suicide. Affected by the emptiness of loss, Matt Colquhoun, one of those students, manages to weave together an elegiac, hybrid text, halfway between choral memory and theoretical research.

But can death be the starting point of something? About what? The “mourning space” opened between colleagues, colleagues and friends after that painful journey in 2017, the experience of collective suffering and a renewed sense of solidarity that was expressed in commemorative events, after-hours conversations on the university campus and nights of melancholic dance, they become the ideal incitement to address one of Fisher's greatest questions: what kind of community ties can we still cultivate under the more


Book: Egreso

ISBN: 9789874822628